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Solid State Lighting Components

Recom International – Manufacturer of Led Drivers IP and non IP rated CC and CV Power Led Drivers. RECOM Lighting designs and manufactures lighting solutions, offers LED drivers and supplies component parts to help our customers illuminate almost anything one could think of, from solar powered path lighting in city parks to trains and buses, shopping centres and airports.

Cree Led - Cree leads the industry in brightness, efficiency and reliability with its XLamp LEDs. Cree LED modules provide a simple solution for lighting designers and manufacturers to adopt best-in-class LED lighting.
Cree LED products are revolutionizing the LED lighting industry.

Khatod Optoelectronic - Khatod manufacture a range of precision optics. In business since 1985, Khatod has been pioneering some of the most innovative applications in LED technology.Our LED products for the electronics industry have given engineers better ways to indicate status on all kinds of equipment. We put our expertise to work for you by designing the most reliable and cost-effective LED products available. So if you're looking for the best and brightest in LEDs, look no further than Khatod.

Carclo Optics - Carclo Slough is a division of Carclo Technical Plastics Ltd, Slough has always been at the leading edge of optical technology since its foundation in 1936:as (Combined Optical Ind. Ltd. which later changed to CTP Coil Ltd) such development has seen them placed at the forefront of its class. The dramatic growth during the 1950's to 1970's can be largely attributed to a policy of diversification and successful identification of emerging markets, particularly electro-optics.

Ledil - LEDIL is a dynamic company with a long experience of semicondutor optics. We strongly believe in "learning by doing". During the many years in the business we have developed the most versatile and innovative selection of semiconductor optical solutions in the world.
We have our roots in Salo, in the Southern Finland. Today, we manufacture optical components in Finland and in Asia. We work globally on all continents, either directly with customers or through our local partner companies.

LedDynamics - Manufacturer of torch replacement LEDS, single and integrated current regulated drivers, Io Moon led modules which combine the Jupiter TM Series LED from Nichia with thermal board technology

Led Engin - LED Engin, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells advanced LED emitters, optics components and light source modules in a unique, high-lumen density, compact, multi-die package that enable solid-state lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

Soraa Led Light Engines - Soraa was founded in 2008 in Goleta, California, by a team of pioneering professors from the worlds of engineering and semiconductors. In 2007, they made a bet on an LED technology platform completely different than current industry practice, a technology most industry experts at the time considered to be impossible to execute. They bet on Gallium GaN on GaN for their LEDs. Why use GaN on GaN™ LEDs? They're simply better:
GaN on GaN™ LEDs emit more light per LED material than any other LED
GaN on GaN™ LEDs handle more electric current per area than any other LED
GaN on GaN™ crystals are up to a thousand times more precise than any other LED crystal

Le Diamond Opto - LeDiamond corp. locates in Taipei, Taiwan, and was established on March, 2013. The company is committed to develop high-efficiency LED components and light sensor components, has White reached 180lm / W @ 5700K (CRI70), warm white 160lm / W @ 2700K (CRI80) mass production Milestone. R & D team has many years of practical experience in the LED package can quickly focus on customer product needs Speed ??provides solutions to shorten customer development process to reach a win-win with customers.

Everled - Manufacturer of Led replacement for Torches and Fluorescent Tubes

TerraLux - Led light engines to replace incandescent bulbs

Gaggione S.A.S – French manufacturer of standard and custom Optics for LED Applications.

Dialight-Lumidrives – Power supply for LEDs, DMX controllers

Polymer Optics - Standard and custom Optics for Power LEDs

Inventronics – Manufacturer of Indoor, Outdoor and programmable Led Drivers

Meanwell– Manufacturer of of wide range of Led Drivers

Mechatronix – Manufacturer of a wide range of Passive and Active Thermal solutions for the Power Led Industry

Led Harness Assembly - We represent several supplier's in Asia who can provide the simplest or complex cable assembly at highly competitive prices and repeatable quality. DONT have valuable personnel doing point to point wiring when cost effective harness solutions are available

Custom PCB's – We have three PCB houses in Asia we work with to provide a wide range of Power Led circuit solutions, form simple FR4 with Thermal vias, to MCPCB in Aluminium, Copper with Direct Thermal paths to minimise thermal resistance. Send us a gerber for 24 hour turnaround on MCPCB prototypes

Custom Assembly – We have a dedicated SMD Production line in Melbourne specific to SSL Assembly and can quote on design from basic assembly to complex Spectrum Designs. We also offer Spectral analysis and thermal analysis services

Active/Passive Semiconductors/Interconnect

All Sensors - All Sensors was founded May, 1999 by Dennis Dauenhauer. All Sensors specializes in pressure sensor product development with emphasis on low pressure sensors for medical and industrial applications. Products range from one-half inch water full scale to one hundred psi.
All Sensors provides the highest level of expertise in the industry for the design and manufacture of silicon based pressure sensors and pressure sensor systems.

NavSync - NavSync is an engineering based GPS products and services company, providing full technical support to customers interested in using NavSync GPS Timing or Navigation technology. We also provide a broad array of Contract Design and Contract Manufacturing Services to customers.

Comus-Assemtech - Comus® International Group is a leading manufacturer of solid state relays, reed switches and reed relays.. Our commitment is also to provide the highest quality of Shock and acceleration switches, tilt and tip over switches, movement and vibration sensing switches. Also in the product range are : electronic tilt/tip-over switches, proximity switches, magnets ,float switches and Silicone rubber keyboard.

TOREX Semiconductor - voltage detectors, voltage regulators, temperature sensors, MOSFETs, dc/dc converter, op amps, CMOS logic, oscillators, pin diodes, multi power supplies, Schottky barrier diodes.

Smartec – Manufacturer of pressure sensors, humidity sensors, infrared sensors, temperature sensors, multiplexer for capacitive sensors, software and development tools.

Recom International - DC/DC-Converters from 0.25 Watt up to 100 Watts in SIP, DIP, SMD and Brick-Style, including customer designed specials, Constant Current LED Drivers.

Marquardt - Global manufacturer of Automotive Switches and sensors, Appliance Control Switches and Microswitches.

Non Franchised Supply - We also supply components from major suppliers including: AD, Maxim LTC, Atmel Microchip, Motorola, Intel, AMD, Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Infineon, International Rectifier, Toshiba, Hitachi, Honeywell, National Semiconductor, Allegro, Sipex, Micrel.

Harness Assembly - We represent several supplier's in Asia who can provide the simplest or most cable assembly at highly competitive prices and repeatable quality. DONT have valuable personnel doing point to point wiring when cost effective harness solutions are available

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