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Led Application Data Links Links
All Cree LM80 Data Cree LM80  
Safety Led Eye Safety for Cree Leds 75-Watt-Equivalent A19-Lamp Reference Design
XB-D LEDs A19 Reference Design T8 Reference Design
MX-6 LEDs A19 Reference Design Overview  
CXA2011, MX-6 and XP-E High-Efficiency White LED A21 Reference Design  
XP-E High-Efficiency White LEDs B10 Candelabra Reference Design LED Wall Sconce Reference Design
XP-Family LEDs AR111 Reference Design  
MT-G EasyWhite and MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs MR16 Reference Design  
XB-D LEDs MR16 Reference Design  
XP-E LEDs MR16 Reference Design  
MT-G EasyWhite LEDs MR16 Reference Design  
XM-L EasyWhite LEDs PAR38 Reference Design High-Bay Reference Design
MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs PAR38 Reference Design  
XT-E LEDs CXA2011 6in Downlight Reference Design  
CXA2011 LEDs Downlight Reference Design  
XM-L LEDs Pendant Luminaire Reference Design (English)  
MP-L EasyWhite LEDs Distributed Illumination Applications 2x2 Troffer Reference Design
ML-E and ML-B LEDs Tasklight Reference Design  
XP-E, XP-E EasyWhite, MX-6, ML-E LEDs 10,000-Lumen High-Bay Reference Design  
Links to Lead Free Soldering Information Power Sources Association Empfasis
Links to Electronics Directory Sites www.electronics-x.com  A directory of electronics industry websites organized alphabetically by topic.  
Links to General Lighting Information    
http://www.lightmeasurement.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luminous_emittance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candela  
Light Up The World Foundation    
Light Up The World Foundation    
Links to DIY Led Application Notes and other guides    
Complete guide to constructing a Cree XR-E based mountain bike light    
A guide to several bike designs and construction guides for bike lights    
Complete construction guide for a Cree XR-E bike light using Ledil Optics and a Buckpuck    
MR11 Fatman Boost Kit    
3 years of Candlepower Forum Threads on Bike Light Construction    
General step by step guide for led light construction    
Build a bike light using Cree XR-E and a triple MR16 Optic    
Cree XR-E in a CNC built housing    
Lighting Real Estate signs with solar panels and Cree LEDS  


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