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Luminary Micro, Inc. designs, markets and sells ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers (MCUs). Austin, Texas-based Luminary Micro is the lead partner for the Cortex-M3 processor, delivering the world’s first silicon implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor. Luminary Micro’s introduction of the award-winning Stellaris® family of products provides 32-bit performance for the same price as current 8- and 16-bit microcontroller designs, providing entry-level pricing at $1.00 for an ARM technology-based MCU. Stellaris mixed-signal microcontrollers contain specialized capabilities for applications in energy, security, and connectivity markets. With the world’s largest selection of ARM-based microcontrollers, Luminary Micro’s Stellaris family allows for standardization that eliminates future architectural upgrades or software tools changes.

NavSync is an engineering based GPS products and services company, providing full technical support to customers interested in using NavSync GPS Timing or Navigation technology. We also provide a broad array of Contract Design and Contract Manufacturing Services to customers.

Cree are acknowledged as one of the five key power led manufacturers and while less known in the general led community because they have previously sold only led die to other led manufacturers. The new XLamp™ product range is Cree's push product into the emerging solid state lighting market.

In a world where consumer demand for information is burgeoning, Densitron ensures that the display solution brings the product capabilities to life.

Densitron actively works with our client partners and consumer research organisations to deliver exciting product display solutions for the designs of tomorrow.
We have extensive experience in design and manufacture of customised display modules as well as standard colour and monochrome display solutions for electronic devices. We are also proactive in the development of the product and packaging to provide a complete turn-key solution.

Andigilog was founded in 1996 as a semiconductor design consulting company. Today, with a solid team of design engineers, mask designers, and marketing and sales professionals, Andigilog is developing standard products for the growing temperature sensor and portable telecommunications markets.

Smartec More than 15 years ago Smartec was born out of a laboratory concept, when a temperature sensor was developed at the Delft University of Technology. This digital sensor proved to be more accurate and stable than the digital temperature sensors that were on the market at that time. The Smartec temperature sensors do not need calibration and they prove to be extremely stable and reliable. A very strong feature is the possibility to measure with a resolution of 0.005 Kelvin, without any extra effort. Specifications that are still valid now, more than 15 years later. Since 1992 millions of sensors have been sold worldwide.

LEDdynamics believes that solid state lighting will eventually supercede conventional methods of producing light.
LEDdynamics is committed to creating enabling technologies that bring LEDs from the laboratory into end user products.
Our staff of engineers consolidates knowledge of driver electronics, optics, thermal management, manufacturability, and the latest developments in LED technology to bring this knowledge to the marketplace.

Terralux is a Boulder, Colorado company comprised of very bright engineers and scientists working in the new field of applications for LED technology. LED technology is positioned to replace incandescent lighting in the next ten years for virtually all applications. LED lighting brings the promise of energy savings and lifetime lighting devices.
TerraLUX designs, manufactures and sells its TerraLUX LED Light Engines® (patents pending) to various reseller channels including web based flashlight resellers, experimenters/hobbyists/designers, green and solar markets, distributors, web based LED specialists, online bulb retailers and flashlight accessory sellers. TerraLUX uses the leading edge LED components to produce superior performing products, initially for portable DC applications such as flashlights. These TerraLUX Light Engines utilize the energy sources, such as batteries, more efficiently and give constant light output during operation.

TerraLUX constantly strives to find new applications for LED LED Light Engine® technology by adding its intelligent power management technology to the leading edge semiconductor light emitters. TerraLUX welcomes requests for new applications not yet being manufactured.

The demand for compact, lightweight, high-precision and low-cost power supply ICs is increasing every year. Low current-dissipating ICs are particularly needed to increase the degree of freedom in power supply design and permit more comfortable prolonged use of portable equipment. Making the best use of the advantages of our analog circuit and CMOS technologies, TOREX has developed products with a current dissipation of less than 1A, as well as products with ripple removal rate and operating speed improved to the levels of bipolar ICs. Achieving a strong reputation in the market, these products are provided with various patented features. Moreover, TOREX has developed the USP-6B package, enabling cutting-edge chip-size packages to be produced using existing production lines. The USP-6B, currently patent pending, is a breakthrough in that it reduces initial cost considerably and allows IC designs with any number of pin

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