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The Cutter-XPLin280-Kit is a kit of led PCB and driver to create a Linear grow light to promote even growth across a canopy.

The 3000k provides a broad-cycle spectrum optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development.  Tailored for growing plants from initiation to senescence (germination, clones/cuttings, mothers, vegetative and flowering applications) in indoor environments.  With a CRI rating of 8o, the kit offers a beautiful work environment with vivid colors and great contrast to study the health of your crop.

The boards are series configured to allow for simple wiring and no current hogging often experienced in parallel arrangements, simple wire to board connectivity and turn on to go

Basic Specifications

PCB: MCPCB 280mm x 20mm, Zhaga Compliant, premounted with XPG-3 Leds and Wago single pole solderless connectors

15 leds per PCB series configured(can be parallel configured)

Forward Voltage per board is approx 42.73Volts at 700ma. Total vf for 6 boards in series = 256V

Single side adhesive graphite pads for the ultimate in thermal transfer


A heatsink with capacity to dissipate up to the max wattage of approx 175 watts. One aspect of the XPG-3 is at 700ma drive it is running soft so for heatsink design it should be considered that it is possible to run the leds to 2amps, doing so will lift a single board wattage to 91 watts and therefore heatsink design may need to account for that contingency of your considering a different drive topology

We are offering these is various drive toplogy options

Drive 1: Standard 700ma 250 watt driver, Driver PF-P250CC-C070-S-DM can drive to 357 volts out at 700ma, so can drive 1 additional PCB

Drive 2: Standard 1400ma 250 watt driver for 3x2 in parallel PF-P250CC-C140-S-DM drives to 179 Volts

Drive 3 LDD-4 PCB with 3 x 1500ma Cute DC-DC led drivers(parallel/series 2x3), requires LRS or similar CV source to power the Led drivers and a Coralux STORM x Controller for full PWM functionality

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