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TPAD is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that makes it possible to remove the thermal barriers inherent in many POWER LED PCB's as the dielectric layer which isolates the trace from a metallised base material like aluminium or copper is inefficient due to its material composition. The removal of the dielectric under the thermal pad of a LED provides a clear path to ambient faster and more efficiently than any conventional FR4 or MCPCB. TPAD provides superior thermal performance for medium to high power LEDs at both rated drive current and for overclocking. This is the most economical & scalable "Direct Thermal Path" MCPCB solution available for power LED applications.

TPAD technology has higher thermal efficiency than even the very best MCPCB in the market. TPAD MCPCB's are available with Aluminum base metal or Copper base metal. Aluminum based TPAD can transfer heat at the rate of 240.0 W/m.K and Copper based TPAD can transfer heat at a rate of 385.0 W/m.k. Conventional MCPCBs have a heat transfer rate of 1-2 W/m.k.

We are currently moving many of our most popular MCPCB to TPAD but every PCB we list on site can be given the TPAD treatment. We also would also be very keen to quote your custom PCB requirement in TPAD, please upload your gerbers via our Contact Page

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Product ID: cut1484

Price: 1.09 (1.20 Inc. Tax)
0.83 USD 0.77 EUR 0.67 GBP
Product ID: cut1880
Metal Core PCB, Aluminium for XML RGBW, 20mm Diameter
Price: 1.85 (2.04 Inc. Tax)
1.41 USD 1.31 EUR 1.13 GBP
Product ID: cut1731
 120mm x25mm Quad MCPCB, Aluminium
List Price: 1.97
You save 1.02
Price: 0.95 (1.05 Inc. Tax)
0.73 USD 0.67 EUR 0.58 GBP
Product ID: cut1683
The CutterMCPCB-20STRCU-MTG is 20mm star Full Copper PCB  designed to accommodate 1 pcs of th...
Price: 2.95 (3.25 Inc. Tax)
2.25 USD 2.09 EUR 1.80 GBP
Product ID: cut1369
20mm triple star MCPCB Aluminum MCPCB  designed to accommodate 3 pcs of the Cree XPx, Lumile...
List Price: 2.95
You save 1.96
Price: 0.99 (1.09 Inc. Tax)
0.76 USD 0.70 EUR 0.60 GBP
Product ID: cut886
The CutterMCPCB-ML20STR, 20mm star MCPCB Aluminum blanks are designed to accommodate 1 pcs of the ...
Price: 0.99 (1.09 Inc. Tax)
0.76 USD 0.70 EUR 0.60 GBP
Product ID: cut1367
24mm Round PCB, 2 layer mcpcb, 70um(2oz) copper traces, can be series, or paralleled
Price: 2.99 (3.29 Inc. Tax)
2.28 USD 2.12 EUR 1.83 GBP
Product ID: cut935
MCPCB - 425
25mm quad optic designed for the Cree XPE/XPC/XPG  
List Price: 1.30
You save 0.85
Price: 0.45 (0.50 Inc. Tax)
0.34 USD 0.32 EUR 0.27 GBP
Product ID: cut1581
40mm Round shaped MCPCB Direct Thermal Path Aluminum & Copper
Price: 5.95 (6.55 Inc. Tax)
4.54 USD 4.21 EUR 3.63 GBP
Product ID: cut950
This is the 32 mm MR11 Metal core PCB to suit XPE/XPC and XPG Leds and is designed to use the GT4 op...
Price: 1.95 (2.15 Inc. Tax)
1.49 USD 1.38 EUR 1.19 GBP
Product ID: cut500
  These metal cored printed circuit boards are designed for the Cree XLamp and provide a funct...
Price: 1.20 (1.32 Inc. Tax)
0.92 USD 0.85 EUR 0.73 GBP
Product ID: cut839
MCPCB 6 up
Metal core printed circuit board for 6 x Cree XR/XRE leds. Board is aluminium, 70mm diameter by 2mm ...
Price: 9.95 (10.95 Inc. Tax)
7.59 USD 7.04 EUR 6.07 GBP
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