SSK-1560ZGE-XX-2835CR-2×2 Kit

$240.38$305.75 EX GST

Led Strip Kit designed for 2 foot x 2 foot space using the SSK-1560ZGE-XX-2835CR, led boards. Latest Cree 2835 Midpower at 220LPW. Build Plan, download here

*500ma is the configuration data for this kit and is based on 3500 Kelvin version. Check with us for all datasets
Min PPFDMax PPFDAvg PPFDumoles/j
Power Per Foot(w/sqft)35.2
Watts per sqft per 100 PPFD4.27
Height  canopy data  ( Data above)18 Inches
Solderless Connectivity with Wago 2065 Series