Nobody understands optics like LEDiL. We apply the art and science of light across the full spectrum of possible applications. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and the technological know-how to achieve extraordinary results.

Our light laboratory and exceptional optical knowledge means there is no guesswork; our optics hit the target every time with shaped and directed beams that maximise output and minimise cost. And because we do the science ourselves, we guarantee the results, both in optical performance and long-term durability.

SOLDER-CLIP – A new fast and easy lens mounting solution

Accurate mounting and automation friendly without shelf life limitations. Patent pending solder clip has no limited shelf life and offers an easy, accurate and cost-efficient mounting method for lenses. It comes on a reel for pick and place machines ensuring accurate mounting of clips and LEDs to PCBs. It further allows the use of automation for lens assembly in luminaire manufacturing.Currently compatible with LEDiL’s highly popular LEILA-SC and TINA-SC optics.


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