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How to match the colour scheme of corporate colours to SPI Led Strips

Corporate colours play an essential role in establishing a business’s identity and creating brand recognition. Whether it’s a logo, website, or promotional materials, using consistent corporate colours is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and credibility. If you’re looking to incorporate corporate colours into an RGB SPI LED ribbon or strip, there are a few things [Read More]

Difference Between Constant Voltage And Constant Current LED Drivers

Difference Between Constant Voltage And Constant Current LED Drivers With so many available options, choosing a suitable LED driver can be overwhelming sometimes. But you don’t have to worry from now because here in this article, we will discuss every perceptive of LED drivers that you need to consider before making a choice. We will discuss Constant [Read More]

LUXdrive A011 FlexBlock: The Buck-Boosting FlexBlock LED Driver

A009 Buck driver

What makes the LUXdrive A011 FlexBlock LED driver so powerful…The extremely compact dual-mode FlexBlock is a true current regulated LED driver for powering high-power or high-brightness (HB) LEDs or LED arrays; because the forward voltage of LEDs can change based on several environmental factors as well as the age of the LED, it is important to use [Read More]

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