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Is Hi CRI Better for Growing Plants? A Comprehensive Look at the Pros and Cons

Introduction As the popularity of indoor gardening continues to grow, so does the demand for artificial lighting solutions that can mimic the benefits of natural sunlight. One such solution is the use of high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) LEDs. Hi CRI LEDs have a colour rendering index of 90 or higher, which means they can [Read More]

What is PPFD and DLI

ppfd graphic

Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) and Daily Light Integral (DLI) are essential measurements in horticulture, as they provide information about the quantity and quality of light that plants receive for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light, carbon dioxide, and water into glucose, which provides energy for growth and development. Understanding PPFD [Read More]

How to start Seedlings with Grow Lights

How to Start Your Seedling Under a Grow Light Starting your seedlings under a grow light is an effective way to ensure they get the necessary light and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Here are some tips on how to start your seedling under a grow light: Materials You Will Need Seeds Growing trays or [Read More]

Grow Room Design Plans

3030 leds prboost

Grow Room Design Plans: We get requested daily for led grow lights in terms related to using our products for growing and that is based typically on a specific product and how best to get optimum use for a certain space. In keeping with the open source nature of sharing, we have listed below many [Read More]

Supplementing your COB Grow room with Led Strips

From around mid 2015, the COB(Chip on Board), specifically starting with the Cree CXB3590, revolutionised grower view’s of Led Lights as a real alternative to the ubiquitous HPS/CMH grow light. While the powerful incandescent HPS light’s still prevail for the devoted HPS grower, the success of the COB in changing minds about what LED lights [Read More]

Design a Grow Room Light:8x4feet, Led Strips or Solskins?

I get asked daily about the best way to light a room and the options today are more numerous than ever. As a starting point it is no longer unreasonable to begin from a place of efficiency and by that I mean umols/j, not lumens per watt. Your inputs in terms of power used for [Read More]

Lets Consider the Affect of COB Height for your Grow Area

I get asked a lot about the optimum lighting for a specific size grow room. The conversation is primarily about the room dimensions with respect to size of the growing area. The issue of hang height is often secondary as PAR at height can be adjusted via dimming or hang height and as such is [Read More]

The Perfect Grow Light Layout

Solskin 4x4 optimum

An investment in a LED grow light is the burning question. It is typically more expensive than its incandescent brothers and while it has a great backstory on cooler running temperatures, efficacy and a robustness for long life, the tech loop of is there a better light next week often locks on the safety. The [Read More]

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