Product Change Notices : Cree

Change Notices PCN Reference Number: CreeLED-PCN-5183: Summary: Description of the Change Cree LED is qualifying additional suppliers of the ESD diode for the affected LEDs. The maximum reverse voltage for the affected LEDs will change to 1V. PCN Reference Number: CreeLED-PCN-5159: Description of the Change Cree LED will be changing the typical forward voltage and temperature [Read More]

Grow Room Design Plans

3030 leds prboost

Grow Room Design Plans: We get requested daily for led grow lights in terms related to using our products for growing and that is based typically on a specific product and how best to get optimum use for a certain space. In keeping with the open source nature of sharing, we have listed below many [Read More]

How to use the new Cree PCT 4(Product Characterisation Tool)

Cree has recently revamped the PCT(Product Characterisation Tool) now called PCT4 or Version 4. This is a significant upgrade in that it further goes deep into underlying key data about Cree leds that previously required additional calculation to get to data that customers need. As of this writing the Cree online version is 3, but [Read More]

Supplementing your COB Grow room with Led Strips

From around mid 2015, the COB(Chip on Board), specifically starting with the Cree CXB3590, revolutionised grower view’s of Led Lights as a real alternative to the ubiquitous HPS/CMH grow light. While the powerful incandescent HPS light’s still prevail for the devoted HPS grower, the success of the COB in changing minds about what LED lights [Read More]

Design a Grow Room Light:8x4feet, Led Strips or Solskins?

I get asked daily about the best way to light a room and the options today are more numerous than ever. As a starting point it is no longer unreasonable to begin from a place of efficiency and by that I mean umols/j, not lumens per watt. Your inputs in terms of power used for [Read More]

Nichia New NF2W757G-MT, 2 in 1 3030 Led


Nichia has recently announced the 757G-MT mid-power LEDs with white tuning from 2700K to 6500K enabled by two die integrated in the 3030 platform. Nichia tuneable White LED Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Tokushima, Japan – 4 October 2019: Nichia, the leader in [Read More]

Lets Consider the Affect of COB Height for your Grow Area

I get asked a lot about the optimum lighting for a specific size grow room. The conversation is primarily about the room dimensions with respect to size of the growing area. The issue of hang height is often secondary as PAR at height can be adjusted via dimming or hang height and as such is [Read More]

Nichia Optisolis

Nichia leds approach CRI=100 without UV die Nichia announced its Optisolis LED line with the components now available in 3030 midpower and COB versions, delivering CRI well above 90. Nichia unlike Seoul Semiconductor who are trying to match SPD to the sun, are attempting to match the Optisolis SPD to that of the standard illuminant [Read More]