Nichia New NF2W757G-MT, 2 in 1 3030 Led


Nichia has recently announced the 757G-MT mid-power LEDs with white tuning from 2700K to 6500K enabled by two die integrated in the 3030 platform. Nichia tuneable White LED Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Tokushima, Japan – 4 October 2019: Nichia, the leader in [Read More]

Lets Consider the Affect of COB Height for your Grow Area

I get asked a lot about the optimum lighting for a specific size grow room. The conversation is primarily about the room dimensions with respect to size of the growing area. The issue of hang height is often secondary as PAR at height can be adjusted via dimming or hang height and as such is [Read More]

Nichia Optisolis

Nichia leds approach CRI=100 without UV die Nichia announced its Optisolis LED line with the components now available in 3030 midpower and COB versions, delivering CRI well above 90. Nichia unlike Seoul Semiconductor who are trying to match SPD to the sun, are attempting to match the Optisolis SPD to that of the standard illuminant [Read More]

EOL doesn’t have to mean end of life as we know it

EOL doesn’t have to mean end of life as we know it The lighting industry a chequered performance when it comes to obsoleting parts, however if you’re at the end of the supply food chain, upstream performance has much to answer for. At the led level, most companies have very stringent quality processes that handle [Read More]

How to use our Web Site

How to use our Web Site Many of our regular customers would note the sudden change in our web site.To clarify, our previous service provider had outsourced our core data to another provider. They were hacked and we had to launch our current site ahead of plan. On the positive side our old site was [Read More]

LUXdrive A011 FlexBlock: The Buck-Boosting FlexBlock LED Driver

A009 Buck driver

What makes the LUXdrive A011 FlexBlock LED driver so powerful…The extremely compact dual-mode FlexBlock is a true current regulated LED driver for powering high-power or high-brightness (HB) LEDs or LED arrays; because the forward voltage of LEDs can change based on several environmental factors as well as the age of the LED, it is important to use [Read More]

The Perfect Grow Light Layout

Solskin 4x4 optimum

An investment in a LED grow light is the burning question. It is typically more expensive than its incandescent brothers and while it has a great backstory on cooler running temperatures, efficacy and a robustness for long life, the tech loop of is there a better light next week often locks on the safety. The [Read More]