AI and the LED

AI and the LED: A Convergence of Art, Technology, and Experience In the intersection of art and technology, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is illuminating new horizons. From interactive art installations to smart city applications, this collaboration is a cutting-edge exploration of creativity and innovation. Let’s delve into how [Read More]

What is MacAdam Ellipse?

MacAdam Ellipse: A Comprehensive Guide The MacAdam Ellipse is an important concept in the field of colorimetry and plays a significant role in the understanding of human perception of color. This article aims to provide an exhaustive explanation of the MacAdam Ellipse, its applications, and relevance. 1. Introduction to Color Spaces To understand the MacAdam [Read More]

Edge light vs Backlight and why Flexible Led Sheets are a perfect Solution

LED Edge Lighting vs. LED Backlighting: Exploring the Differences, Pros, and Cons Introduction: In recent years, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, providing energy-efficient and versatile lighting solutions. LED edge lighting and LED backlighting are two popular methods used in various applications, such as televisions, monitors, and signage displays. While both techniques [Read More]

Is Hi CRI Better for Growing Plants? A Comprehensive Look at the Pros and Cons

Introduction As the popularity of indoor gardening continues to grow, so does the demand for artificial lighting solutions that can mimic the benefits of natural sunlight. One such solution is the use of high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) LEDs. Hi CRI LEDs have a colour rendering index of 90 or higher, which means they can [Read More]

App Note: Optimizing 4-Channel Color Mixing Systems for Color Rendering

Optimizing 4-Channel Color Mixing Systems for Color Rendering By Derek Miller, XLamp® R&D Research Scientist, Cree LED Introduction Color mixing systems with LEDs commonly use either a 3- or 4-channel approach. With 3 channels, using red, green and royal blue is the most common way to cover the widest range of possible colors. With a [Read More]

Pro9™ LEDs Offer Breakthroughs in Efficacy and Reliability

Pro9™ LEDs set the new standard for high fidelity (90 & 95 CRI min) LEDs 15% higher efficacy for 90 & 95 CRI LEDs 90 CRI light quality at 80 CRI LPW 95 CRI light quality at 90 CRI LPW Upgrade light quality without sacrificing performance Same optical & mechanical design as standard versions Industry-leading [Read More]

How to match the colour scheme of corporate colours to SPI Led Strips

Corporate colours play an essential role in establishing a business’s identity and creating brand recognition. Whether it’s a logo, website, or promotional materials, using consistent corporate colours is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and credibility. If you’re looking to incorporate corporate colours into an RGB SPI LED ribbon or strip, there are a few things [Read More]

The J Series 5050C E Class LEDs offer the industry’s highest efficacy at 228 LPW at 4000K, 70 CRI, 1W.

e class 5050

J Series® 5050 LEDs J Series 5050 LEDs deliver high efficacy and long lifetimes to high-output indoor & outdoor lighting applications. Cree LED’s 5050 product family offers numerous advantages over competing 5050s, including superior intensity through secondary optics, better color-over-angle and leading corrosion resistance. The J Series 5050C E Class LEDs offer the industry’s highest [Read More]

The Light Cartel of the Last Century and the Current LED Pricing Wars

centennial bulb

The Light Cartel of the Last Century and the Current LED Pricing Wars: A Comparative Study on Quality and Competition. Introduction The light bulb industry has undergone significant transformations over the past century. In the early 1900s, the Phoebus cartel, a group of leading light bulb manufacturers, conspired to control the market, manipulate pricing, and [Read More]

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