Our mission

Cutter Electronics, an Australian-owned independent distributor, specialises in Solid State Lighting components, design, and manufacturing. Our significant investment in a state-of-the-art Solid State SMD manufacturing production line, combined with our expert engineering team, enables us to develop innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to customer needs.

Our Vision

Cutter’s vision is to become a leading provider of Solid State Lighting solutions by reinforcing our supplier’s marketing strategies and aligning them with customer needs in the wider market. Our focus on customer relationships and understanding their requirements enables us to deliver cutting-edge Solid State Lighting PCB design and testing services.

Experience & Know-how

Cutter Electronics’ centralized back office in Melbourne allows for cost-effective design, manufacturing, and testing services while maintaining a deep understanding of the Australia/NZ market conditions. Our locally owned and managed company adapts centrally provided services to cater to the unique needs of the local market and develop customized product and service packages.

With years of experience in the Australian electronics market and a focus on Solid State Lighting, Cutter’s significant investment in an SMD manufacturing production line ensures high-quality components and reliable design, manufacturing, and testing services. Our in-house capabilities in Solid State Lighting PCB design and testing make us a trusted partner for all your Solid State Lighting needs.

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