Our mission

Cutter Electronics is an Australian owned and operated independent distributor of electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors & capacitors. We are a specialist supplier of Solid State Lighting components with considerable expertise in the application of Power LEDs and can provide standard and custom Solid Sate Lighting Solutions. We also have a well developed engineering team with expertise in Analog components and microcontrollers

Our Vision

The Cutter vision is a commitment to reinforce our supplier’s marketing strategies and align that to meet our customer needs in the wider market which means that suppliers and customer obtain considerable mind share throughout our organisation. Our dedicated product team are focused on customer contact. This allows us to maximise the sales potential of each of our suppliers through a complete understanding of customer needs.

Experience & Know-how

While centralised back office functions in Melbourne ensure a cost effective distribution service, the understanding of Australia/NZ market conditions offered by a locally owned and managed company is the cornerstone of the high standard of service that we offer to all of our customers. Through this local knowledge we are able to adapt centrally provided services to the needs of the local market and to develop product and service packages which reflect individual market conditions.

The know-how and experience of years in the Australian electronics market makes Cutter a good combination of “Franchised distributor” and a “locator” of electronic components.

Cutter as a franchised distributor has direct leads with the manufacturer. As a customer you can therefore count on :

  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Timely Design Support.
  • Buffer stock
  • Just-In-Time Delivery

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