We get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis and created this FAQ to assist customers

Do cheap led grow lights work

Sure, but what will they grow. For cheap is a relative concept. Plants along with food and air thrive on light, too much light is barely enough. The cost to produce a light is driven by the market place. Most simple low cost lights will have a form and function that will dictate their use, if you want a pepper on your kitchen bench then the light will likely be made with the consumer in mind in terms of form and aesthetic. This light is likely to have little use for multiple plants. Its success at producing fruit will be driven by the species and its photoperiod needs, the amount of photons on the plant canopy and the spectral performance vs the plant spectral needs and lifecycle. The cost of the light versus its ability to produce fruit by meeting all those needs should be carefully considered. Most any light will grow, however the outcome will vary dependent on the performance of the light and the more you understand the plant and the light, will dictate if it will work as you hoped.

Do chinese led grow lights work

It depends on the product, there are so many manufacturers in China, finding the right one is more a problem than if they work or not. If you find a supplier that makes a quality product and that product uses the most current technology then there is no reason their light wont work. Alibaba is the starting point for searching for this kind of product

Do full spectrum led grow lights work

Yes they do work. You should be guided in all cases but nature. The spectrum coming from the Sun is what all plants have evolved under. The goal of matching the suns spectral performance is the benchmark by which your full spectrum light is judged. If you have access to a spectrometer, then take it outside and point it at the sun, then test your light the same way. The closer you get to a match the more confident you can be about its performance

Do it yourself led grow lights