390 W/m.K Thermal Conductivity(Copper base)

TPAD is a thermal management technology built into a Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that makes it possible to conduct heat out of a LED and into the underlying thermal platform faster and more efficiently than a standard or conventional PCB.

The heat is drawn away from the LED faster with TPAD’s proprietary “Direct Thermal Path” technology. TPAD is best suited for medium and high Power LEDs, these LEDs must have an central thermal pad which is the top tier where thermal dissipation starts.

How does TPAD MCPCB compare to the conventional MCPCB?

Conventional MCPCB uses a thermally conductive dielectric layer to bond the trace layer with the base metal (Aluminum or Copper) layer. The key to thermal performance of MCPCB lies in its dielectric layer. Even though thermally conductive dielectric has higher thermal performance compared to standard dielectric material it is still a weakest link in the conduction thermal path. The TPAD MCPCB overcomes this limitation and eliminates use of a dielectric material completely from the conduction thermal path. TPAD technology provides a DIRECT THERMAL PATH, thus lowering the LED junction temperature.

Is TPAD MCPCB available with Aluminium & Copper base?

Yes we produce TPAD in both Aluminium and Copper base material.

Does TPAD require any special design considerations?

No a standard gerber file design can be made in a TPAD variant.

Where is it available? How do I purchase?

We have a range of standard sizes available from inventory. Check our range under PCB from the main menu.

What is TPAD MCPCB in cost compared to conventional MCPCB?

TPAD MCPCB’s are higher in cost, but at a significant improvement in performance compared to a conventional MCPCB.

Do you have TPAD Stars available in this technology?

We stock the TPAD Star PCBs in various industry standard LED packages. such as Bridgelux SM4, Cree XPG, XPE, XPC, XTE, XBD, XML, MTG, Nichia N219, Osram Oslon SSL, Oslon Square, Samsung 3535, and many more… contact us to get your Star PCB or check our range


What is TPAD Technology?

TPAD is a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) technology which provides a direct thermal path for the LED.. This is done by removing the dielectric directly under the led thermal pad.

How is this applied to a TPAD PCB?

It is an alternative PCB technology to the conventional Aluminium or FR4 PCB or MCPCB providing DIRECT THERMAL PATH solutions for medium to high power LEDs.

What is the thermal conductivity of a TPAD MCPCB?

It is directly proportional to the thermal conductivity of the base material. i.e. ~210W/m.k in case of Aluminum and ~385W/m.k in case of copper.

Can I use TPAD technology with all LED packages?

It is designed to be used with LEDs that have electrically neutral thermal pad’s. Examples include Cree XPG, XPE, XPC, XTE, XBD, XML, MTG,MTG-2, Luxeon Rebel & Luxeon M from Lumileds, Oslon SSL & Oslon square from Osram, Nichia NVxx219, Seoul Semiconductor Z5P / Z5M, Samsung 3535, Bridgelux SM4 and LZC & LZP from LEDEngin. This is a generic listing, please feel free to contact us to clarify your leds suitability

Can I use TPAD technology only for high power leds?

TPAD is designed to lower the junction temperature of medium to high power LEDs. The benefits are more broadly gained with leds > 5 watts

Does the assembly process for TPAD MCPCB differ from conventional PCB?

The assembly process is the same as conventional MCPCB or Aluminium PCB