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Grow Room Design Plans: We get requested daily for led grow lights in terms related to using our products for growing and that is based typically on a specific product and how best to get optimum use for a certain space. In keeping with the open source nature of sharing, we have listed below many designs for your use.. The plans are provided free and while we hope you use them to purchase our products you could extrapolate the data for your own product choices.

The plans do make references about the data interpretation, but as an basic guide and to restate.

Dialux is the program we use to develop these plans based on IES files generated by testing our products on a Goniophotometer and converting that data to an ies output based on horticultural data

When we bring in the data to Dialux, it provides light performance as per that data but currently does not have the ability to correctly name parameters

So when you read the reports you need to be aware that all references to

  • lx or LUX are actually PPFD
  • LPW or lumens per watt are actually umoles/j

So although this may appear a little confusing, the data remains completely accurate. We hope in the future Dialux will be able to convert these suffixes to the correct description.

The plans provide in summary.

  • PPFD Maps
  • Watts total, per sq ft or sq meter
  • Mechanical layout

3 thoughts on “Grow Room Design Plans

  1. Tony Oliva says:

    What a great place for the diy community to learn and find Inspiration. Well thought out plans with great info. Someone can really learn some great aspects of lighting design. Thanks Cutter for all the great tools.

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