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How to use our Web Site Many of our regular customers would note the sudden change in our web site.To clarify, our previous service provider had outsourced our core data to another provider. They were hacked and we had to launch our current site ahead of plan. On the positive side our old site was ancient in terms of current WEB technology and our new site is more secure and mounted on significantly more robust, secure servers. The down side is we are busy scrambling to replicate the products from the old site. Its seems a good time to note changes to the new site from the old site.

Our previous site was built up over time using  a discrete components approach. For example we would have a product such as a led and would mount that on say a star PCB and list that as a product, over time this built up to 000’s of variants and we still did not cover all the possible permutations available. Issues with this approach included maintenance of a vast array of products, searching for parts on our site was a constant complaint. The conversation always went ‘wow you have a lot of products but I cant find what I want’. So what does our new site offer to combat this?

  • Recommended: Please create a new account, due to the data issue on the old site the logins were not saved and migrated to the new site. We do have all the order history however in spreadsheet form if you need assistance with old order details

I will concentrate on the led side to best explain our current way of getting you to the same place that you may have arrived at on the old site. Firstly we have decided on a top down approach, that is too say everything starts with the led. You will be able to get here in a variety of ways

  • The top menu bar arranged with our most common categories
Top Menu bar with drop down megamenu
  • Side Filters specific to colour at the bin level. Please note these are level/category sensitive. ie if you are in drivers section these will not function. Also if you are in a led section and use filters, they will only work if the led bin/colour exists in the section your in
Side filters, specific to colours and bins

The same applies for non white colours with filters by wavelength

One you arrive at a specific led, if applicable you will find the led is available in options

When you select or scroll down to these options you will see the wide range of possible ways to purchase this led, starting with the basic emitter through to a full range of PCB offerings

So our approach is to start at the Led and flow down from there, it means less maintenance at the product level and less searching as when you find a led, you have all the possible options listed on the one page.

Our intention is to use this approach on as many products, beyond leds, where it makes sense. We are of course only here because of our customers and since we don’t know it all we welcome any suggestions for more filters or features you feel would improve your experience

I will update this post with more details as we progress


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